Dynamic Smoke 2.1

See inside

Click the green flag to begin.
Press spacebar to stop the smoke.
You can restart it at any time with the green flag.

Notes and Credits

This project took me about 1 hour to make.
I used ideas from my unshared project "Dynamic smoke", but made it much simpler this time.

It sets the costume and the size at the start of the cloning.
During the ascent of the smoke, it changes the y and x position and size randomly.

The size has a higher chance of going down than up.

Once it reaches or surpasses y 175, the clone deletes itself.

Feel free to use this in one of your projects, but please give credit and change the numbers to suit your needs.

Please comment for any suggestion/bug notices. :)

Shared: 20 Jan 2014 Modified: 23 Jan 2014
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