Super Mario Odyssey Bros. 3

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Mario - arrow keys to move, press down after jumping to ground-pound, press Space to throw Cappy, ground pound and press Space to dive, and hold X to change costume
Luigi - WASD to move, E or Q to throw Hatty (Luigi's Green Hat), and hold E or Q to dive at Hatty (Luigi's Green Hat)
**Use Space key to select and use P to pause
**Do CTRL + M (Command + M for Mac) for less laggy gameplay
Update Log:
2.0.4 - Fixed how your health wouldn't go back up to 3 after collecting a moon
2.0.3 - Changed code that handled Luigi's walking animation
2.0.2 - Changed code that handled Mario's walking animation
2.0.1 - Removed hacked blocks
2.0.0 - Fixed how you could see Hatty when beating a level in single player
1.9.9 - Added flipping animation when on the map after clearing a level
1.9.8 - Fixed how you could go through the back side of levels, or get stuck on one side of levels on the map
1.9.7 - Fixed how there'd be a chance you'd drop through the pipe after un-capturing a Piranha Plant
1.9.6 - Fixed how you could jump while capturing an enemy and holding space
1.9.5 - Fixed how if you threw Cappy at the moon he'd disappear
1.9.4 - Fixed how if you dived twice and get the moon on the second dive Mario would float off the screen
1.9.3 - Fixed a bug with skipping the cut scene
1.9.2 - Fixed how map animation wouldn't play after exiting a level
1.9.1 - Luigi can now get 5 coins from the heart if he has full health
1.9.0 - Fixed bug discovered by @RPC29 where the background continues scrolling after you collect the clear moon while moving
1.8.9 - Fixed how the rolling animation wouldn't work on some costumes
1.8.8 - Shortened the hit box for question blocks when Cappy or Hatty touches it
1.8.7 - The game will no longer automatically start if you hold space during the cutscene
1.8.6 - You can now skip the title cutscene
1.8.5 - Fixed bug that would cause the background to continue scrolling (if you continue holding space after capturing an enemy) discovered by @brunodwimba
1.8.4 - Luigi is now more "floaty"
1.8.3 - Fixed some more bugs with diving
1.8.2 - VIP's can now reset their position to the start of the map by pressing space
1.8.1 - Fixed some bugs with the level select screen
1.8.0 - Added a preview of your current costume in the shop
1.7.9 - Fixed some bugs with diving
1.7.8 - Worked on changing diving (I know it is still buggy)
1.7.7 - You now get a boost when starting rolling
1.7.6 - Fixed some bugs with rolling
1.7.5 - Started to add rolling
1.7.4 - Fixed how you could dive through the barrier
1.7.3 - Added Racoon Mario Costume
1.7.2 - Added costume store to the mushroom house
1.7.1 - Fixed a bug where you could move without the walking animation playing

Notes and Credits

This is a mash-up of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Odyssey

Play the remake here:
Play the new remake here:

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Update Log (Old):
1.7.0 - Slightly fixed blending while crouching
1.6.9 - Fixed how you would lose 20 coins in single player
1.6.8 - When playing with 2 players, if Mario dies and Luigi isn't dead yet, Luigi will also die
1.6.7 - Luigi can no longer Capture enemies after he dies
1.6.6 - Luigi can't die anymore from spawning Koopa Troopas while he is a Goomba or a Piranha Plant
1.6.5 - You can no longer capture a Koopa Troopa if it is in its shell
1.6.4 - Started working on adding costumes
1.6.3 - Fixed how Luigi couldn't move as a Goomba
1.6.2 - Changed the sound for ground-pounding
1.6.1 - Luigi can now capture the Piranha Plant
1.6.2 - Fixed how Luigi couldn't throw Hatty
1.5.9 - Added an entity counter
1.5.8 - Made the transition from Mario moving and the background moving smoother (but it now has more of a snap)
1.5.7 - Fixed how you couldn't kick Koopa shells
1.5.6 - You no longer get hurt from ground-pounding a question block
1.5.5 - Fixed the movement of enemies when you capture a Koopa Troopa
1.5.4 - Fixed soft lock where Mario would sometimes get stuck at the top of the screen when diving
1.5.3 - Added a sound to diving
1.5.2 - Changed the sound for ground-pounding
1.5.1 - Updated Piranha Plant death sprite and updated the movement type of the dead Piranha Plant
1.5.0 - Fixed a bug where Luigi would capture a Goomba as the level started and couldn't move
1.4.9 - You can now hurt other enemies as a Koopa Troopa shell
1.4.8 - Koopa Troopas can now jump
1.4.7 - Fixed some more bugs with capturing Koopa Troopas
1.4.6 - Adjusted the position of the title
1.4.5 - Finished the cutscene
1.4.4 - Added Mario and Luigi to the cutscene
1.4.3 - Renamed the game to Super Mario Odyssey Bros. 3
1.4.2 - Started working on a title cutscene again
1.4.1 - Fixed a bug with turning into a Koopa shell
1.4.0 - Fixed how you couldn't get out of crouching
1.3.9 - Added an ability to the Koopa Troopa (press B to turn into a shell)
1.3.8 - If a player is above a question block and another player hits it from below, the player above is injured
1.3.7 - Fixed a bug where you wouldn't die from a fireball as a Goomba if you were jumping
1.3.6 - Fixed a bug where after Mario threw Cappy he couldn't move
1.3.5 - Fixed a bug with moving while crouching
1.3.4 - Fixed the position of Cappy on the Koopa Troopa
1.3.3 - Started to add the ability to capture Koopa Troopas
1.3.2 - You can now move while crouching if you jump
1.3.1 - Fixed a bug with crouching
1.3.0 - Started to add crouching
1.2.9 - Fixed the paths the caps take to get back to Mario or Luigi
1.2.8 - Fixed bugs with the Pirahna Plant
1.2.7 - Fixed Jumping
1.2.6 - Fixed some bugs with diving
1.2.5 - Mario can no longer dive at Cappy by holding space
1.2.4 - You can dive after starting a ground-pound now
1.2.3 - You can now hit blocks when you ground-pound
1.2.2 - Fixed a bug where Luigi would move the wrong way when moving with the background
1.2.1 - Now you have to confirm that you want to enter level 2
1.2.0 - You can now collect the Power Moon
1.1.9 - Added ground-pounding to Mario
1.1.8 - Koopa shells now can hit blocks
1.1.7 - Points gained from killing enemies will increase the more enemies you kill in a row until you kill 10 in a row, and then you get 10 coins for each enemy killed
1.1.6 - Diving no longer affects the movement of enemies
1.1.5 - Goombas can no longer walk through the edge of the screen
1.1.4 - Fixed how Goombas would get stuck in the first area
1.1.3 - Added speeding up to Goombas
1.1.2 - Fixed a bug that would alter the movement of enemies
1.1.1 - Fixed how all blocks would flash when you hit another on
1.1.0 - Mario and Luigi no longer bobble up and down when touching a semisolid platform and the ground
1.0.9 - Fixed bug where enemies would not respawn
1.0.8 - Luigi can't slide off the screen anymore
1.0.7 - Luigi now slides too
1.0.6 - Fixed some bugs with sliding
1.0.5 - Started to add sliding to Mario
1.0.4 - You can no longer receive more than 1 hit of damage from an enemy
1.0.3 - Fixed the floating piranha plant bug and the infinite scrolling bug
1.0.2 - Quite a few bugs fixed
1.0.1 - Koopa Shells now can kill enemies
1.0.0 - You can no longer stand on the ground of the last area in the first area
0.9.9 - Mario can no longer diver through walls
0.9.8 - Started to add pausing
0.9.7 - Fixed "Luigi's Infinite Death" bug discovered by @minefnafer22
0.9.6 - Fixed semisolid platform
0.9.5 - 0.0.1:

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