How Far I'll Go - Completed MSP

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✦ - Welcome to the How Far I'll Go Multi Scratcher project! - ✦

I suggest clicking the green flag twice! Maybe with a little pause in between?

I've seen plenty of fabulous collaborations...
MAPs, group covers, art pieces; so I thought, why not bring these collaborations together?

I wanted to create a project that would unite all different types of Scratchers to create a big project. That's how the MSP (multi scratcher project) was born!

In this MSP, singers, musicians, animators and artists came together to create a video and cover of the famous Moana song: How Far I'll Go! I hope you enjoy, I'm so proud of all of the talented participants <3

I apologize it lags for you! It doesn't for me (Mac Pro OS 10, Chrome), so I suggest your battery is high and you use Chrome!

Also, the timing is a little bit off so I apologize for that!

Notes and Credits

✦ - Credits - ✦

Editing: @4LeafClovR (audio & visual)

End Credits Song: You're Welcome (piano cover by ThePandaTooth)

Part 1: @Castelle
Part 2: @-LadyNightLore- & @forever-
Part 3: @ShimmeryStar & @sodafizz321
Part 4: @LiveInTheMeowment & @ErinHunter123
Part 5: @NerdyKitty2539 & @ChristianKid5
Part 6: @4LeafClovR & @sciencekid90
Part 7: @4LeafClovR & @nikkimd8

(sorry I'm kinda flat in the singing lol)

1. Piano Part 1 : @pianogirl84
2. Piano Parts 2&3 : @marshmallowmuffins
3. Violin: @barkpuppy5
4. Cello: @CakeFlavoredEgg
5. Clarinet: @blahblah2412
6. Guitar: @ScarletAsh25888
7. Synth Beat: @4LeafClovR

Part 1: @Meap77 (modified Sprite usage + converted to Bitmap)
Part 2.1: @ScarletAsh25888 (converted to Bitmap + recolored a bit)
Part 2.2: @4LeafClovR (converted to Bitmap)
Part 3: @Snowbell365 (converted to Bitmap)
Part 4: @Niamh- (converted to Bitmap)
Part 5: @EllaPHNT (converted to Bitmap)
Part 6: @HollyleafCat12 (converted to Bitmap)
Part 7: @rainbow1347
Part 8: @Rainflower4403 (edited background)
Part 9: @-Frosting- (recolored a bit)
Part 10: @ScratchStang
Part 11: @rainbow_waves (converted to Bitmap)
Part 12: @D_i_a_v_l_o
Part 13: @-Iridescent- (converted to Bitmap)

Thumbnail Art:
1. Background: @mongeI
2. Moana's Grandmother: @mongreI
3. Font: @nicolemaepark ( redrawn + edited by @4LeafClovR )

Credit Art:
1. Shore: @Ali450
2. Pua: @FlashFire-
3. Moana: @TheLoneWoof
4. Moana's Mother: @india_lovelace
5. Chief Tui: @Mythy_

6. Ocean: @-PastelAlpaca-
7. Sailboat: @catak
8. Maui: @LazyPrincess
9. Hei Hei: @Pylar


I'm extremely sorry for converting SO many parts to Bitmap! I just couldn't keep them all because of the storage limit :(

Also, I am sorry this is so late! School caught up with me and sucked away so much of my time. Also, the editing took A LOT longer than expected. Better late than never though, right?

Thank you, everyone, for all the support and for making this top loved <3 We appreciate it!

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