Mode 7 Engine (3D)

See inside

Arrow Keys or WASD: Move
Arrow Keys or WASD + Space: Strafe (move left and right instead of turning)
M: Change map
I: Wireframe (doesn't look that good, but speeds up rendering a bit)
Mouse: Change controls at top of screen (move mouse up for them to appear)

Notes and Credits

Curated 8/9/2017! Thanks to @WolfCat67 for curating this :)
TOP LOVED 8/10/2017! Thanks to everybody for the amazing support! :D
UPDATE 8/2: I've fixed a bug that causes sprites to appear in the wrong spots. The first map is messed up because of it, because I tried to work around the glitch by changing coordinates.
IMPORTANT: I'd highly recommend loading this in Phosphorous (link: because this project is very processor-intensive. Although it isn't as hard to run as Yoshi's New Story ;)

HUGE thanks to @DadOfMrLog for helping me out with several issues I was having with the engine.

This is a 3D engine based off of the Super NES's "Mode 7" graphics mode. It can render a plane in 3D space, and load sprites on the plane. It also can use a scrolling background.
I've put together five maps to show off the capabilities of the engine. Press "M" to switch between them!

1. Create three 480x360 images to serve as the background.
2. Create the sprites you would like to use.
3. Go in here, and add those sprites as costumes to the SpriteManager sprite inside the project. Note the costume numbers; these will be used later!
4. While you're at it, subtract 1 from the level number of the map you are going to create. Let's call the resulting number N (with a 0 attached to the beginning if N is single digit, so 1 is 01). Go into "BackgroundManager" and add your background images to the costume, named N0, N1, and N2.
5. Go into the stage, and make a new backdrop for what you want the lower half of the background to be. If you need help with this, just look at the stages I made and you'll see what's going on.
6. Time to make the actual stage! Go to my Mode 7 Map Maker here: There is a tutorial on that project, so read that when you get there.
7. Click "Export" in the Map Maker. Copy the Finished Map, Finished Map Key, and Finished Spritemap and paste them somewhere.
8. Go into the Sprite Manager in this project. There should be a script floating around. Paste your values from the Map Maker in this order: Finished Map, Finished Map Key, and Finished Spritemap. They will fit right in to the script. Don't worry about the fact that there are about 4000-6000 characters in the Finished Map; it still works fine!
9. If you want to remove a level, make the lists Maps, Map Keys, and Sprites visible, and remove the level you would like to destroy from each list. Also, delete the backdrop, as well as the costumes in the Background Manager, and rename backdrops/costumes accordingly.
10. If you would like to remove sprites, you may need to load up the Map Maker again, and replace the sprites, because removing sprites might change the costume number for some other sprites.

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