☁ City Construction

See inside

Construct a cool city! And see the ones other Scratchers make too!

Important: Cloud data is really unstable and unreliable on Scratch. If your city doesn't save, I'm really sorry! Scratch really just isn't good at handling online cloud stuff.
SAVE OFTEN. And I'm sorry if your world doesn't save. :(

Press X over a building to sell it.

The diversity multiplier considers how many different building types you have, and gives you extra money if your city has lots of different stuff in it.

Keep in mind that if a problem comes up in the cloud variable it could mess up all users' worlds and they may all have to be deleted... Cross your fingers and hope that that doesn't happen. :P

And as a final note, don't save your world without any buildings. If you try to save a blank city, it will not let you. Because that's boring. But yeah, if you want to hold onto your cash don't save a blank world.

Notes and Credits

IMPORTANT: This no longer works! Scratch recently had a cloud data restriction of 128 characters per cloud variable, so this certainly does not work and never will again unless the restriction is changed.

You only generate money while you're at your own city! If you are visiting someone else or off the project entirely, you will not keep gaining money!

Thanks to @AATPicchu for the tutorial on how to run scripts after the project stops. ;)

Thanks also to @theChAOTiC for inspiration!

Plus, thanks to @djpro for the text engine!

Finally, thanks to everyone who helped test it in it's beta form. I can't name everyone, since there were hundreds. :P But especially thanks to @-Auron- and @FUZZIE-WEASEL

My intro has been shortened for your convenience. :P

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