Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Entertainment System)

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*** The use of a reasonably fast PC is strongly recommended to get all that this project has to offer with all of the old-school NES quirks and oddities it aims to recreate flawlessly...
═════════════ • Instructions + Information • ═══════════
Left / Right Arrows = Move / Scroll Through Items At Crazy Cap
Up Arrow = Talk / Enter Crazy Cap (Or Tostalandia Slots Building)
Down Arrow (While On Ground) = Crouch
Down Arrow (While In Mid-Air) = Ground Pound
Enter = Pause
Spacebar = Brochure
Z = Select (In Menu And Crazy Cap) / Jump / Read Text / Resume
X = Throw Cappy / Exit Crazy Cap / Exit Menu

Note: Do NOT use CTRL + M (Command + M for Mac) because it causes severe glitches with the programming of this game...

══════════════════ • Overview • ═════════════════
Super Mario Odyssey is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System home console. The game was first released in Japan and North America in 1985, and in Europe and Australia two years later. In Super Mario Odyssey, the player controls Mario and in a two-player game, a second player takes control of Cappy who can attack enemies independently of Mario as they travel across many worlds on their hat-shaped ship, the "Odyssey", in an effort to rescue Princess Toadstool from the antagonistic King Bowser, who plans to marry her.
══════════════════ • About • ═══════════════════
Replay one of the best Mario games to date in the style of the NES as this game recreates the game ground up with retro style graphics, sound, and classic gameplay (With all the quirks of Super Mario Odyssey)! Buy outfits in places such as New Donk City and find the Power Moons scattered across the globe! Will you be able to to recruit Pauline's band?
═══════════════════ • Notes • ══════════════════
I took my Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System) engine from my @Atari-Dude account, and modified it to replicate what a Super Mario Odyssey demo could be like if it were on the NES. I keep original hardware restrictions in mind, but I don't let it restrict my creativity... You can see inside to take a look at what's to come, as there are a lot of as-of-yet unused assets stored away in there... I will continue to work on this project everyday until I believe that it is done - feel free to leave a comment on my profile telling me what you would like me to add to this, and if you would like to give any feedback in general, that would be cool, too. If you've made it this far, there are of course secrets and references you can find too!

If you find any glitches, please restart your browser and make sure that you didn't press CTRL + M (Command + M for Mac) and you should find that the glitches should have gone away...

Also, check out the demo of my new game based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as if it were made for the NES!

Notes and Credits

Credit to @bryce_carrington for helping make the Cappy script work!

Credit to @jonas_rains for helping make the base of the logo!

All of the music was re-worked and composed into 8-bit by Tater-Tot Tunes on YouTube... In return, I made (and am making) some artwork for his Super Mario Odyssey videos. You can check out his channel right here:
He's very talented and accepts requests for 8-bit music. If you have any video game related songs that you'd like to hear in 8-bit, you can message him about it!

Credit to @LORENZODMJ for helping make some sprite alterations...

Nintendo owns the rights to Mario and everything else involved with that name, so I will change / take down the game if ever told to do so.

Note: Though it says I shared this project on July 3, 2017, I've actually been working on it since June 15, 2017...

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