☁ Click War 2 ☁

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Welcome to Click War 2!
100,000 clicks *O*
Click War 3!!!
CLOUD VARS WORK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOAL --> Pick a team you want to win
>When you click the button, it only turns back to it's original state of "Click Me" when another user clicks the button on their computer. If 2 people are on at the same time, you can click the button back and forth to get your favorite team to a much higher score!

Notes and Credits

All by Me :)
Rooty Tootie (c) 1993 (Song)
A tribute to sailor moon (c) 1997 (Song) Alexander Koponen
Feel free to comment about clicking the button. that way team members can see before clicking the green flag ;D
Also, please don't remix unless you change something.
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I guess that's what happens when people come back to click even more xD
This has a 1/150 love to view ratio due to most people who have already loved coming back to play xD

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