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Press space to navigate. If you have time, remix with your answers to these questions. Nothing here asks for personal information [such as name, birthday, address, etc.]. If it's a scale of 1-10 you can still answer zero. Just because you do the tag, doesn't mean you have to answer every question, skip AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, just keep track of how many you skip. Answer honestly, or don't, whatever works XD. (・_・;) 26 questions.

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I've wanted to make a tag for quite sometime now. I thought this would be interesting. xD Also, the original had a question called "Most Embarrassing Story" but that was really just because I wanted to answer it XD It was removed though, so if you remix a remix with it in there and don't do it, it doesn't count as a skip. You can just remove it. :)

Notes and Credits

Top Remixed on 7/18/17 {Ty everyone}

*The awesome tag-makers of scratch for inspiring me.
*The amazing @FontGod for vectorizing the font used for title page.
*The super cool and creative @KJEKJE & @JellyLoop for being tagged and potentially doing it. I also added @ChristianKid5 @avacadothepotatocat and @Pylar :)
*The somewhat tolerable @Hope4Tomorrow for making it. xD
*Music from here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/83002752/

5 bitcoins says this won't get more than 5 remixes xD

Welp, I guess I owe somebody 5 bitcoins -_-

I don't have any bitcoins. Hehe >:D

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