Angels [MEME] remix

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INSANE UPDATE- this got loved by RedCuzImAwesome. idk what.
the song might lag, so if that happens, press the green flag again
this took way longer than necessary bc i spend an hour on getting the background gifs and setting them up and keeping them from deleting themselves. all i did was change it to my style, so this is pretty lazy :/
but hey!, the wings came out nice!
SMOL UPDATE: oh my stars i forgot to delete the lines i used to measure the heights of the figures when i redrew them and- oh i edited them out.
SMOLLER (idk) UPDATE: i have to go edit the ears, bai.
i did this because i loved eddsworld so much like, a month ago and now i'm smothering myself in nothing but heathers and dear evan hansen and be more chill, (why musicals?, idk) so i made this in order to not completely let go of the fandom because it's probably my most favorite fandom i've been part of so far and i can't just forget it, no matter how much terrifying fanart and fanfiction there is. :3 * cough* tomtord *cough* OH I HID A PICTURE OF TORD SOMEWHERE IN THE PROJECT

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i added this to two studios and now it's in 11, thx but why guys??
before i write this huge passage about i can't make memes everyday, i have to say that i spent 5 hours on this and put way too much effort into everything so this ended up being my favorite project. i'm overly proud bc when i started memes, i couldn't draw on computers AT ALL, so this is a huge improvement.
ok, this is a quick note- (lol it's a pretty long passage)
i'm trying to pump out a new meme everyday in order to keep the few people interested in my projects interested and i'm sorry if i can't keep up because i've started forcing myself to get things done and i have so much stuff on my plate that i've been not meeting my standards for myself, so i get angry at myself and make promises to get things done, and then i don't, so even though my profile says that i will be this "endless meme machine" (which sounds awesome when i think of it) i won't be able to make a continuous flow of memes, so know that i'm not dead if i skip a week or something. *i'm laughing hysterically at my uses of the word "meme" now* machine............ meme flow.

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