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Two years.

Not a long time, you might say. But in my mind, it's an eternity.

Two years ago, on the 10th of June, I joined Scratch as @prpack476.

Back then, I was young - naive, even. My first attempts were unremarkable platformers and tiny pixel art.

I had a few friends, but nothing like what I have now.

Just over a year ago, shortly before my first Scratchiversary, I moved to @Aesthus - pronounced 'eyes-thus'. It's derived from the Greek for 'perception', the same root from which 'aesthetics' came.

That name marked a transition from coding to design, and I began to do the very thing that had been one of my first interactions on Scratch: I designed logos.

And, well, things kind of spiraled from there.

Now I have 177 followers on my main account, which is something I never thought I'd achieve. Most of the people who helped you can find in my one-hundred-followers project (https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/124410605/) so instead I'll just thank a few here.

Thanks to njb14, Cyborus, Pristine, and Adventuring - heroes of the Land of Sheep and Honey!

Thanks to ClearMonocle - you encouraged me when I was new here!

Thanks to SheepMaker! You...well...you were a sheep. Good job!

And thanks to everyone else. Thanks for being here for two whole years! (Wow, that sounds really long or really short depending how you look at it.)

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