Fireworks! [100% Pen]

by EJV2003
See inside

Press the green flag to watch the fireworks launch! Press space to show some variables, and space to hide again. Press right arrow to skip to the next song. Hope you like it! :) Press L to launch a firework made with the project linked below.

To make your own flag firework, go here:

I just woke up on July 4th and my project was... FEATURED!! Thank you everyone! I won't be able to respond to all the comments, but I'll try to read them all. And I'll keep improving this! Thank you!!!

I will be adding more features and fireworks, so keep checking in! And yes, I did launch 2000+ fireworks in testing. xD

Notes and Credits

Thanks to @MasterOfArithmetic for the HSV to RGB conversion and to @djpro for the text engine in the intro. Credit to @TheRandomDog for one of the songs. (I coded the fireworks and recorded the sound effects).

Type "US" (press U, then S while playing the project) for an ULTRA-SPECIAL surprise!!!

To make your own flag firework, go here:

If you just want to watch for fun, go to
It's much better. :)

100% Pen (except for the variables, of course; I was too lazy to get a pen text engine).

UPDATE 10 July: Added random colors back in (no longer 4th of July).
UPDATE 8 July: Really sorry Canadians, but removed Canada flag because this WAS originally meant for American Independence Day (it was featured on it), and I am getting too many requests for other flags (mainly Australia). If you want to make your own, go here:
UPDATE 4 July: FEATURED!!! Added many features, including ultra-special flag fireworks (one for 4th of July, one for Canada 150). Thanks everyone!!
UPDATE 2 July: Added another type of firework, and added clearing of onscreen fireworks that occurs every 50 fireworks because of possible lag.
UPDATE 30 Jun: Added one more type of firework.
UPDATE 29 Jun: Added three more types of fireworks and made them only red, white, and blue!

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