Text Encoder / Decoder! [P5664]

See inside

To encode:
1.- Write something to get encoded
2.- Wait the answer to get encoded...
3.- When it's done encoding, the variable below the encoded answer will be your decoded message.

To use:
1.- Give credit to me and @TheLogFather (This step is obvious :P)
2.- Backpack da' Sprite!
3.- Go to your project
4.- If you want it in a cloud variable, do the "encoded" var be in the cloud variable!
5.- Repeat step 1 ∞ times. XD

Notes and Credits

---------------------------[ FIRST NOTICES ]----------------------------------------
Please report any bugs, and give feedback, please!

Also enable Turbo Mode =P

Tell me if you used it, and in what project!

Not going to be featured, obviously. ¬.¬'

--------------[ TEXT ENCODER / DECODER [P5664] ]------------------------
Basically, this has almost all features. :D
First of all, case sensing (Thanks @TheLogFather for the case sensing with hacked blocks! (Not taken from his encoder/decoder))

Then, YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN CHARACTERS! Just be sure not to put them between the Z(uppercase) and the a(lowercase), else you will have trouble.

It works 100%! I've tested it all, no fail there!

Be sure not to repeat the ABC(uppercase and lowercase, just dont), it's not a problem, but it is funny but sometimes like a mistake to do that XD

Credit to me if used. =)

79% of code by me, the other 21% is for @TheLogFather, he made the uppercase/lowercase/symbol script, NOT from his encoder.


10/30/17~Update 1.3~Changed the | to a 9 (this 9 wont be detected) to avoid errors in cloud variables of symbols instead of digits.

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