Spawnglow- 15 spawns, 4 layer graphics

remixed by AtomicBawm3
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Notes and Credits (added by AtomicBawm3)

Wow, totally didn't expect a feature, but awesome!

Each spawn now has four layers of shade! Plus, there are more!

How it works: It immediately adds 10 points to each spawn which it will draw to. Next, it goes from point to point with a larger to smaller size and darker shade, until it is four layers thick. The direction is determined by a random number generator which picks the direction and the amount of time to move while turning that direction. Then it picks a new one. The mouse click works so that when the mouse is down, the "head" of the light determines its distance to the mouse and travels in a spiral that slowly gets smaller (this is due to the trig and angles used.)

Overall, probably took about an hour to design this version, and two hours for the first.

Have fun, sit back and relax, or click to interact with the playful little spawns of light!

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