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The app is in its final stages, so playtesting is not needed at the moment. Thank you, everyone, for your support!

I will notify the community when I upload the app. (It will be free to download.)

Notes and Credits

Gaps Playtesters

Hello! I'm Stang and I'm developing a game called Gaps. I need a few playtesters to test the game and give feedback and suggestions.

The game is currently being hosted on Game Jolt as an HTML5 browser game.

Game (requires key to play, I'll give it to playtesters)

Me on Game Jolt @Stang
(Scratch likes to put a space before the @. Copy and paste the link into the URL bar then delete the space.)

REQUIREMENTS to be a playtester
> Has Google Chrome browser.
> Can run HTML5 browser games.
> Decent English writing skills.
> Has time to play the game. (May be asked to play multiple times)
> Will write a detailed account of gameplay. (Feedback and
> Has a Game Jolt account. (Friend me on Game Jolt to send
> Active
> Do not share, copy, remake or distribute the game.
If you do not fit ALL of these requirements please do not sign up!

> Shoutout in project announcing app release. (Scratch username.)
> Get to play the game early.

> If you do not fit ALL of these requirements please do not sign up!
> Comment "I fit all the requirements!" and name your Game Jolt
> Example: "I fit all the requirements! I am @Stang on Game Jolt."
> I plan to accept roughly ten people at most.
> You are allowed to add extra reasoning as to why you'd be a better playtester.
> Having experience making games is a plus.

> Just for data collection, comment what type of computer brand and model you have (for example, Windows Vista 2007) and phone brand and model (for example, iPhone 6).


Group 1 Playtesters (2/3 Already played)

Group 2 Playtesters

Group 3+

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