Adventures of Indiana Jones

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IMPORTANT: Upon starting it first time, the project unfolds a massive amount of list data, so give it time. And if you are a new player it's best that you read below for more information about the game.
Left/Rigth Arrow = Move.....C = Climb
Up Arrow = Jump...............V = Change Area
Down Arrow = Duck...........B = Show Map/Artifacts
Space = Use Whip............H = Show Quests
S = Save Game................N = Next Text Slide
L = Load Game................M = Off/On Music
Adventures of Indiana Jones is a large open world platformer game where you wander in the world exploring areas looking for unique artifacts and completing quests to advance further. Defeat foes and collect coins or diamonds to gather score. Hearts restores your missing health. If you run out of health you can continue the game but with decreased life amount and will lose all score points. Your highest score and collected artifacts are displayed in the main menu. Good luck and enjoy!
To save your progress you have to press S when ingame and right click the list that shows up. Then export and put the created file somewhere you can find it later. After this you are ready to either continue playing or quit. To load the game you need to be in main menu and press L. Import the saved file which was created before and click a button so the list goes away. When you start the game you should now continue from where you were last time when making the file. Your quests, found artifacts, life and location in the world are saved. Notice that it doesn't save score, only the best score you have got which is shown in main menu. I wish saving and loading is clear enough and works as intended. If you try to load a corrupted file the project will stop running.

Notes and Credits

Thanks to George Lucas for creating the character Indiana Jones and John Williams for the music.
In the current version you have access to:
75 / 221 Areas.....3 / 12 Artifacts.....3 / 9 Quests
I've been planning to make this game have 3 parts (updates). On each update the map grows larger with more quests and artifacts. This is part number 1 and hopefully I'll have enough motivation to do the rest too although there is a lot of content already for a Scratch game. Every part have been thought out so I have a rough draft on how to expand the project.
If you encounter lag full screen is not recommended. Loading areas should be extra fast since all levels are on lists. I would appreciate if you inform me of possible bugs wether it's a graphical error or gameplay related. I did not make a complete game run test, so there is a huge chance the game has unpassable levels or something else gamebreaking. Please report those!
This project combines some special features such as tile setting, collision detection and text typing all in a small amount of sprites and scripts. To do projects like this you don't need any hard maths, just understanding how all works together and a bit eye for the graphical side. I had several problems with lists that were too long so they made it impossible to edit the project online, but those issues should be over now.

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