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Happy Eᴀsᴛᴇʀ!

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I, having seen many front paged, top-viewed projects, noticed that no small number of these had a unique quality. An idiosyncratic quality if you will. And what might this fame bringing quality be? I shalt tell you good sir. This quality, is that every animation ends in a cheesy explosion, clearly not drawn by creator, and out of place amid the shapes and lines of their project. I, wanting some of this renown, this esteem, devised a plan to steal away some of their prestige. I studied the style of their drawings for hours, downloaded the explosion sprite, and started crafting myself one of these projects. After several days, I found myself 1/4 done. Rejoicing at my progress, I showed my brother my budding sapling of brilliance.

I haven't posted for a while have I? Oh well, now I have. Enjoy! Oh yeah, and you better click the Love-it button up and to the left over there, or the Piggyhippotamasaurusplebian will feast well tonight. Or something like that. Anyways,


(And love-it for my misuse of the word idiosyncratic.)




Liek, srrsly, enjoi.

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