Labyrinthine 2

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Here it is, Labyrinthine 2! The first game wasn't necessarily my most popular, but it was one of my personal favorites so I figured I'd make a sequel. :D

Let me guess, at the end of the first game you were like "Huh, freedom? But there's this tree here that I can't get past, lol!" Well now I smoothly incorporated that into the storyline! Nice, right? xD

Okay, and also I know that the ending of this game was kind of lame. But at least it's fun to run away from the gem at the end. You can even shoot it and it dies. xD

Notes and Credits

Walkthrough (Win in under 6 minutes!):

Haven't played the first game? You can play it here:

Cheat Codes (Press Q):
<> Mini - Makes you mini
<> Giant - Makes you giant
<> Regular - Makes you regular size
<> HP - Restores HP
<> HJ - Makes you highjump
<> LJ - Makes you longjump
<> Add _ (Put 1-12 in place of "_") - Adds item to your inventory
(1 = key, 2 = Ray gun, 3 = Double Jump, 4 = Speed+, 5 = Ray blaster,
6 = Jetpack, 7 = Duo-ray gun (glitchy), 8 = Bomb (No longer works), 9 = light orb, 10 = Triple-ray gun, 11 = Rapid Ray Gun, 12 = teleport gem (That thing is lit!))

Credit to the beta testers: @robotmananimator, @PenguinBossLover, @DewMcStew, @Shinobi-noor, @scratchww, @-Warbler-, and @8161056

Credit to for the cool text at the end.
If you really want to know who made the music, click inside and look up the numbers at the beginning of the song title on newgrounds.

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