★LGBT Pride★

by amee-
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Notes and Credits

★Sit back and enjoy the artwork, or press space to learn more about LGBT pride flags!

★All of the characters featured in this project are mine :D Some of them are introduced in this project -> https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/89960462/ while others haven't been introduced yet. If you're curious about my characters scroll down to the bottom of this description for short explanations.

★There are so many more pride flags and orientations then the ones I included in the pride flag presentation, I just included the L G B and T ones for the sake of being brief haha

★Don't forget to follow my side account @sapphic-antoinette

★major credit to this article: http://mashable.com/2014/06/13/lgbt-pride-symbols/#ZnrpIRh9mgqC

true colors piano cover

★characters in this project★
-Felicity can be spotted wearing the colors of the lesbian flag next to her girlfriend Joni, who is wearing the colors of the bisexual flag and has a patch in the shape of a heart in the colors of the trans flag.

-Alden and Cyrus are both wearing the colors of the gay pride flag- Alden wears red, orange and yellow while Cyrus wears green, blue and purple

-Asa and Engelise can be seen wearing the colors of the bisexual pride flag.

-Phila is wearing a blue button down with a few patches and pins on it. She's wearing patches of the lesbian flag and the gay flag. She also has a lavender colored pin as lavender has historically been associated with gay people. She also has a pin of the inverted pink triangle in support of ACT-UP. She's wearing a labrys pin as well because the labrys axe has been associated with feminism and lesbians. Her girlfriend, Satya, is wearing one of the colors on the lesbian flag.

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