Create Your Own City!

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Pick a game mode, then click start when you are ready. Wait for generator to load, then click done to continue or Regenerate Land to try again. Click on the tree or rock buttons and and click the ground to place them. Hovering over the put away button puts the tools away. clicking animals gives you the options of fish or birds. Click and they will spawn automatically. The more fish and birds the better, hint for later :P Once done, click don and then click shop to purchase buildings and roads. People will spawn, and they need to eat, so click on fish and birds as they appear to collect food for them. Watch out, these people can't swim, so drag them away from water! Enjoy!

Sorry for any lag :)

Will anyone view this? please?

Notes and Credits

Thanks to @Layzej for giving me the idea of a land generator.

I'm not good with the pen tool, so any tips on how to use it would be great :)

I'm not done with this, I'm just sharing what I have so far. I will post updates as they come out.


- Delete buildings option, even though it isn't fully added yet
- Disabled where people have to follow the road, because they wouldn't follow the roads
- When tools are put away, it doesn't leave an extra tree or rock where you may not have wanted it
- Added fishing Dock
- Added Hunting Cabin
- Click birds to add even more food
- Send people into the wild to gather wood for money
- Shop button closes after every purchase so you know that the item was purchased
- Second page to shop, but there is nothing to buy on the second page yet
- Fixed minor glitches?
- New starter page! Click green flag to see what colorful backgrounds you can get! (experimenting with pen led to this :P)
- 2 new game modes! (Hard to be enabled in the future)
- Adding the new game starter seems to have broken the generator. If you know why, PLEASE let me know! (Fixed)
- Fixed generator! Yay!!!!
- Added Passenger Boat. The boat goes on short trips and brings back people and money for your city.
- Iv'e been noticing that the amount of people on screen and the people count in the top left corner aren't lined up. If anyone sees why this is, let me know!
- I need to add more expensive stuff. Once you unlock the Passenger Boat, you can afford almost anything. Any Ideas of what to add?
- Anyone know why the brown land generator is slow? I'm not sure if it is lag or not, but can you help me fix it?
- Fix button size and switched to vector for a better look
- Changed prices of some of the items
- Fixed delete so it doesn't delete EVERYTHING
- Fixed glitch where houses will appear in the shop menu (Mostly). If you know a better way to fix this, let me know!
- Lowered price of the Passenger Ship
- Lowered Passenger Ship down to $1000
- Made birds and fish smaller (Harder to click)
- Made people bigger
- Added Sky Scraper
- Working on Hard mode finally
- Hard mode almost done! Only one problem: I can't get the disasters to destroy only a few buildings; either you loose all of them or none of them. I've decided you loose none but you loose people, but if anyone knows how to fix this let me know!
- Hard mode officially added! Fend off those natural disasters!
- People only die if they are in water for more than five seconds, so you have a chance to save them

Any ideas of what to add? Let me know!

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