We are Number One but it's Motion-Capture

See inside

1. I activate a script that tells the sprite to go to my mouse as the music plays (starting the recording)
2. I move my mouse to make the characters dance and stuff (recording)
3. I wait for the segment of music to stop and click the stop sign (stopping the recording)
4. I disconnect the script so I don't have to worry about re-writing the recordings the next time I click the green flag
5. I broadcast for the music to start (playing the recording)

About 101 of the scripts are leftovers from motion capture, just in case I want to rewrite some of the motion paths, and there are "only" about 310 scripts that actually run.

Notes and Credits

If there is lag, double-click the flag. Also try Turbo-Mode and closing extra tabs.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to time everything perfectly, and you may have some timing issues.

Well now, I'm featured. Thanks!

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