FPS-Calc [P5664]

See inside

1.- Start the Project
2.- Look at your FPS Counter
3.- To save your FPS state, click on "Save FPS"
4.- Wait 5 seconds to save another state of your FPS.
5.- Click "See Inside" and use the "save fps" block to save the data.
6.- Save the FPS content from "all_save" to a word editor.
7.- In another ocasion, then copy all the text to "all_save" again.
8.- Click the "load fps" block to recover the last FPS data saved.

Notes and Credits

This took a lot, specially the design. XD Anyways this calculate the Frames Per Second in the project. All credit to @-Rex- for PTE Bezier. So well, I hope you like this project. =D

>----[ EXPLANATION ]-------------------------------------------------------------<
Each second the FPS updates from a variable called "frames", this variable increases by (1) each 1/150(or MaxFPS variable), then when our FPS updates after a second changed, the "frames" variable is set to 0 to prevent getting higher values of our current FPS, this states from Great, Neutral, Critical, Lagged, and Turbo and each have a FPS to show up.

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