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Memey Multi Animator Project :P the song is Seagulls Stop it Now - A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back

To get a part, read ALL the rules below, comment with 1-2 examples of past map parts/pmv/amv/art/etc., and say which part you would like. The same goes for backups. (Don't forget the code word)

If we reply to your comment (please be patient and give us at least 48 hours), then you got the part! You have the whole summer to work on this so please try to make it decent!

- You can animate it however you see fit (pmv/amv) or a mix of both
- You can use an oc of yours, yoda, seagulls, queen bub, or anything
- It can be crazy and "meme-like"
- Don't write the lyrics out
- Maximum one part per person (except for us we don't count)
- Codeword inside this project
- Maximum 3 sprites, and you can use the background, but please try your best to use less if possible
- Don't animate in the background
- Have some color please, don't only use black and white
- Be appropriate. Follow scratch guidelines, no blood/gore, violence, hurting people or animals, etc.
- Make it somehow related to the song
- Deadline is Friday, September 15 (may be extended)
- If you have to drop out, drop out by August 1st so we can give backups time to do it
- If you have any other questions please ask us

When you start your part, make sure you remix, then delete everything and leave only your part's music!

Intro (4.40 seconds) @CakeflavoredEgg - DONE
Part 1 (7.29 seconds) @ellatheblue - DONE
Part 2 (8.70 seconds) @CodePoodle - DONE
Part 3 (7.17 seconds) @TacocatX - DONE
Part 4 (8.40 seconds) @orqid - DONE
Part 5 (5.45 seconds) @eggnormous - DONE
Part 6 (7.74 seconds) @mewals - DONE
Part 7 (7.97 seconds) @qhastly - DONE
Part 8 (6.75 seconds) @Koukla_20 - DONE
Part 9 (7.81 seconds) @DestinationUnknown - DONE
Part 10 (8.40 seconds) @WooflesWaffles - DONE
Part 11 (7.87 seconds) @HunnyMelon - DONE
Part 12 (7.99 seconds) @BlossomRunner - DONE
Part 13 (6.79 seconds) @CakeflavoredEgg - DONE
Part 14 (8.76 seconds) @-PearlSparkle- - DONE
Part 15 (7.26 seconds) @uoonicorn - DONE
Part 16 (7.61 seconds) @FlameShredded9 - DONE
Part 17 (8.16 seconds) @yourownsketches - DONE
Outro (6.84 seconds) @eggnormous - DONE

@DreamMist @jaswu2080 @hizy

When doing your part if you need some inspiration check out the youtube video:
Highly suggest you watch it because it includes all the lyrics and funny visuals (plus some parts we cut out)!

the thumbnail is yoda bub (queen bub+yoda) fighting a seagull
queen bub is our glue bottle mascot

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