Regular Man™ Walking Cycle

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Another project of the amazing Regular Man™! ( And why did I put a trademark symbol right there!?)
Click the green flag and watch him walk across millions and millions of Starbucks (if you can actually watch him walk across a bunch of Starbucks until your computer runs out of battery, your computer crashes, your computer explodes, or your eyes watch until they are as dry as a dry fig.

Notes and Credits

Starbucks Coffee
Ralph Wiggum
Donald Trump
"Random Stick Figure Standing in the Streets"
Rowan Atkinson
Mr. Mime, Pokemon Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy
"Random Mime Standing and Doing His Weird Movements That Mimes Do To Attract Public Attention in front of a Starbucks"

Shared: 9 Jun 2017 Modified: 20 Aug 2017
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