⭐ Pearl the Warrior

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⭐ Painted Pupper Project

. >> Beat the highest level centipeetle <<
. >> you can before they overrun you! <<

My highscore is 765!!

top loved 18th June (probably not as deserving as other projects tho)
still thank you >u<~♥ you're all too good for meh ;3

I've recently gotten into Steven Universe and I really like it, so here's a project to show my appreciation in a game.

This is mostly just a visual project, the gameplay is... lacking haha.

Although this was originally a test to rig-up and animate pearl's body, I decided it could be turned into a game :D

• Space to attack
•>> Above 50% is good
•>> Above 75% is great (double slash, spin attack)
•>> Above 95% is perfect (triple slash, spin, lunge combo)
• M to mute the music

@Painted-Pupper - Everything
• Pearl and Centipeetle belongs to Rebecca Sugar
• ♫ Steven Universe - Dance of Swords (Video Game Remix)

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