Dbz Scene Creator (god transformations added)

See inside

0 key plays music and space key stops it
up and down arrow keys to change backgrounds.

Update: I have added a new feature. there is now a ssjssg and ssjg transformation for goku. click:
Q=KaioKenX10 (lasts for 7 seconds)
and these updates are for Vegeta as well
V= Normal
and for shadow as well! (from shadow the hedgehog)
S= Regular
H= Chaos Shadow
also click the buttons 1-7 to summon shenron!

Notes and Credits

narrator: 4 years ago today Shadow the Hedgehog of Mobius left his planet using a ship that Dr. Eggman created for him. And 4 years later he has landed on planet earth. But Eggman put a toxin in the ship that awoke the hedgehogs evil, and he is now reacking havock on the planet. King Kai tells Goku and Vegeta about Shadows power and they both rush to the scene ready for a heated battle. But to their surprise all they see is a black hedgehog. they decide not to harm the creature and get ready to take off, but the hedgehog jumped in from behind and knocked them off guard, so they both transformed into super saiyans. Now ready to face the new threat to planet earth- you must decide their fate! On this exciting creator - DBZ VS SHADOW!

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