Dbz Scene Creator (SSJG Added!)

See inside

space key stops music
8, 9, and 0 are to change backgrounds
Quick Updates:
I've added in 2 new blasts, and revamped the spark, as well as a powerup sprite.
Coming soon:
Vegeta and Shadow blasting sprites + SSJ3 Goku attack (other than a ki blast)
P= Goku
Q= KaioKen (Lasts for 7 seconds)
C= Super Kaioken
Y= Ultra Instinct
V= Vegeta
S= Shadow
H= Chaos Shadow
A= Super Shadow
D= Dark Shadow
L= Sonic
N= Super Sonic
X= DarkSpine Sonic
B= Dark Sonic
Z= Vegito & Gogeta
R= VegitoBlue & GogetaBlue
F= Shadic & Sonaw
W= HyperShadic & HyperSonaw
also click the buttons 1-7 to summon shenron!

Notes and Credits

Update V1.5:
if you want to hear about the bug fixes that I've done, go to '1.'
If you want to hear about updates and what's going to be happening next, go to '2.'
If you would like to help me with this project, or give me suggestions, go to '3.' to find out how to help out your favorite project more.

1. When the flag button is clicked, all sprites should go to their normal place. If you find any bugs with this, please let me know.
Fixed Vegeta's stand sprite from being SSJ.

2. I've finally added in Ssj2 Goku, SSB Gogeta & Vegito and Shadic & Sonaw! The button for these transformations are up in the instructions.
Hyper Shadic & Sonaw are finished! Have fun with the two new fusions!
This creator has just reached a sprite count of 514!!!! That's insane! this Scene Creator has the most sprites out of any creator that currently exists, and is halfway to a thousand sprites!

3. Do you want your username in the game itself?! If you do, email me at "hypershadic11 @gmail.com" with the subject as 'new sprites!' and a new sprite recolor or original sprite that you would want in the game! If I like it, your work will be put in the game, as well as credit in a special page made just for the helpers and creators! I will only be putting in sprites I approve of, and the sprites must come in a full sprite sheet, or come seperately as drawn in sprite for that specific character.
Ex: If you draw Goku with a rainbow afro, you have to fix every sprite and send them to me as all a rainbow colored afro Goku.
Again, that's "hypershadic11 @gmail.com" if you want to be featured in the game! And if I like your work enough, I might make you an official artist for the game itself! How exciting is that?!
P.S. I will NOT respond to any messages down below asking to help with the game. From this moment on, you must send an email to me or I will not respond, and

If you have any suggestions, please, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

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Vegito Sprite Recommendation: Yokaihunter125

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