Dbz Scene Creator (SSB Added) 7 Year Anniversary!

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Warning: Do not suggest new sprites! I don't have any more room for any new sprites, other than the ones already added. (You can suggest sprites for Goku, Vegeta, Shadow, Sonic, or Beerus, but don't suggest that I should add in a Trunks sprite, or Whis sprite, I will no longer respond to those messages, and they will be deleted.)
space key stops music
8, 9, and 0 are to change backgrounds
Quick Updates:
+Early Look Button, to see the upcoming transformations.
Coming soon:
+ Shadow Blasting Sprites
+ SSJ4 Vegeta
+ Ultra Instinct Vegeta
+ Royal Blue Vegeta
+ Perfected Ultra Instinct Vegeta
P= Goku
Q= KaioKen (Lasts for 7 seconds)
C= Super Kaioken
Y= Ultra Instinct
(Left Arrow Key)= Perfected Ultra Instinct
V= Vegeta
(Right Arrow Key)= Majin Vegeta
S= Shadow
H= Chaos Shadow
A= Super Shadow
D= Dark Shadow
L= Sonic
N= Super Sonic
X= DarkSpine Sonic
B= Dark Sonic
Z= Vegito & Gogeta
R= VegitoBlue & GogetaBlue
F= Shadic & Sonaw
W= HyperShadic & HyperSonaw
also click the buttons 1-7 to summon shenron!

Notes and Credits

Update V1.6:
if you want to hear about the bug fixes that I've done, go to '1.'
If you want to hear about updates and what's going to be happening next, go to '2.'
If you would like to help me with this project, or give me suggestions, go to '3.' to find out how to help out your favorite project more.

1. No Bug Fixes.

2. Fixed Super Sonic sprites to look more like Super Sonic, added an SSJ3 Goku attack sprite, (Finally.) and added a blast sprite for Vegeta, with Shadow's blast sprite coming up next.
This creator has just reached a sprite count of 514!!!! That's insane! this Scene Creator has the most sprites out of any creator that currently exists, and is halfway to a thousand sprites!

3. Do you want your username in the game itself?! If you do, comment down below with the subject as 'new sprites!', a link to the project you used to create those new sprites, and a new sprite recolor or original sprite that you would want in the game! If I like it, your work will be put in the game, as well as credit in a special page made just for the helpers and creators! I will only be putting in sprites I approve of, and the sprites must come in a full sprite sheet, or come seperately as drawn in sprite for that specific character.

Ex: If you draw Goku with a rainbow afro, you have to fix every sprite and send them to me as all a rainbow colored afro Goku.

If you have any suggestions, please, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

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Vegito Sprite Recommendation: Yokaihunter125

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