Dbz Scene Creator (SSJ4 added)

See inside

0 key plays music and space key stops it
up and down arrow keys to change backgrounds.
I have been working long and hard on some new transformations, and I'm hoping I can add all these transformations I want in by November. Stay tuned for SSJ3 Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta, and Super Shadow.
Q=KaioKenX10 (lasts for 7 seconds)
4= SSJ4
(SSJ3 coming soon)
and these updates are for Vegeta as well
V= Normal
(SSJ4 coming soon)
and for shadow as well! (from shadow the hedgehog)
S= Regular
H= Chaos Shadow
D= Dark Shadow
(Super Shadow coming soon)
also click the buttons 1-7 to summon shenron!

Notes and Credits

Update: I have read your comments, and what you want is clear, SSJ3 GOKU!!! I get it, however, SSJ3 Goku will be the last thing I'll add in to this infinite list of transformations, but stay tuned, because I'm going to be adding in MANY transformations in this month.
Oh wow guys, just wow. over 17,000 views!! It's insane! Thanks for all your support guys!
Please check out my other projects as well! I'm sure you'll like them.
And one more thing, I also want to apologize about the whole remixing incident, anyone who wants can remix this. Please, just enjoy the game :)

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