Will_Wam Tower Defense

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Will_Wam Tower Defense! (Or Defence, I suppose...)

- Press on the "Towers" button to buy new towers.
- Click on a tower to see its upgrades.
- There are 30 rounds you have to pass to win, but you can keep playing after that to see how far you can get!
- In the top right, you can see what round you're on and how much money you have.
- In the top left corner, you can see how much HP you have left.

P.S. If you're going for the highscore, you should note this: If someone ties with your score, they actually take over your spot as WR holder. That's so that the WR holder position continues to switch around and stays fresh. ;D

Notes and Credits

Will_Wam Tower Defense 2:

NO LAG: https://sulfurous.aau.at/#164753122

Also, sorry if the Levi Tower is glitching for you!

The rounds are the same every time you play, so it's fair for everyone!
Press H to see the WR Highscore holder! (H again to hide it)

Check out the Hacked Version!

Inspiration from Bloons Tower Defence 1-5. (Awesome games!)
The music is -HYPERDRIVE- by Blarrgensnorf on newgrounds.

Thanks to the people who helped beta test!
@AATPicchu, @scratchww, @314epic, @Programfair2, @GaaraOfSand, and @8161056.

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