Mystical Fairy Tree Speed Draw remix

remixed by imagoth1313
See inside

My take on @NetYuv 's fairy tree.

(PS: pm203269 is my sis, and she has some great projects!)

Notes and Credits (added by imagoth1313)

Check out the original, it has a lot more color than mine does! The tree style in hers reminds me of Van gogh

Edit: (10/15/17) Wow, this is a first! I did /not/ expect to be featured, it took me 8 hours to realize it even happened, thank you all! 2000 views!
10/16/17- 4000 views!
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Edit 2: I've been reading all your comments, thank you very much! I've replied to everything I can, but there are a lot, sorry-
Music from Fran Bow.

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