Alpaca Puns

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1- Okay by now you should know the first instruction, it is in almost every single project. If you dont know this alpaca your bags for you because you wont be able to view this project because you dont know the first instruction. (click the green flag)


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Notes and Credits

Welcome to the first part of my new series of puns. Each episode will have a different them of puns usually featuring 2-3 of them. The first theme I have chosen is Alpacas. I hope you enjoy! (this will be my second time using lip sync (manually, i didn't know you could program it))

Update 23/1/2018 Why is this getting ppopular now? I swear 5 days ago this had like only 30 loves....

Want to be part of episode 2? Comment on my profile with a link of one of your animations for a chance to create a pun for ep 2! I will give you a message on your profile if you are selected as long as the discuss topic to you know, discuss.

*If you use any of the content included in this animation I must be given credit in your project* Do not remix if you are not going to change anything*

1- - Grey Alpaca
2- - Brown Alpaca (Graham voice) Brown Alpaca 2# (Charles voice)
3- Audacity software (record the voices, install:
4- Puns found on google images (and I made some)
5- Image of Alpaca from google image search "alpaca"
6-Backdrops drawn by me
7- Lip sync made by me (but with help of a lip sync chart that you can find in the projet)
8- Music introducing each pun token from @Sketchy-Animations
9- Everyone watching this
10- @-HappyCorgi- (me)
11- Fire sound

If you are still reading this, I congrats you, you are a true scratcher.
Thank you

Ok I'm done now

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