Idle Screensaver RPG I: Cursed Treasure Chest

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Idle Screensaver RPG I: Cursed Treasure Chest Escapes from the Dungeon of Skeletons

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There are no controls. This is possibly the laziest game on the Internet.

Cursed treasure chest will siphon stats, skills, items, and money from adventurers and monsters alike.

Rare encounters include bosses and epic adventurers, the Cursed Item Shop (for shoppers who are also cursed sentient items only), the Cursed Skill Trainer, and more.

Watch as Cursed Treasure Chest falls deeper into the dungeon.

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Notes and Credits


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I had an idea about a cursed treasure chest that tries to escape from a dungeon it has been placed in.

I started thinking about an RPG from the perspective of a sentient item, and then decided to make an idle RPG out of it. This is such an idle game, it is actually a screensaver. There are absolutely no controls. This is the laziest that idle games get, from programming to playing. Favorite/Love this project to help unlock upgrades for all.


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'The Luggage' from the wonderful imagination of Sir Terry Pratchett

Cursed Treasure Box
played by
a rocking chair

Cursed Item Shop
played by
Wrigley Battersby (the Cursed Item Shop)

Cursed Skill Trainer Building
played by
Wrigley Battersby (the Cursed Item Shop)

The Stairs
played by
Wrigley Battersby (the Cursed Item Shop)

performed by
Cursed Treasure Chest
unseen enemy adventurers and monsters
Wrigley Battersby (the Cursed Item Shop)

played by
unwitting adventurers who stumbled into Cursed Item Shop

Background music
composed by DANJYON KIMURA

Graphics, concept, story and programming
created by smalltortoise games (and Scratch)

'Idle Screensaver RPG I: Cursed Treasure Chest Escapes from the Dungeon of Skeletons' is a CC-BY-SA 4.0 project except where covered by CC-BY-SA 3.0 for Scratch elements and composed background music.

No skeletons were harmed or discriminated against during the making of this idle screensaver RPG.

Wrigley Battersby the Cursed Item Shop did sprain an ankle during a stunt for a stairwell scene, however.

Feel free to use this as a basic starting template for your own idle screensaver RPG or any other explorations in remixing.

Bonus content: Prologue

The small village happened to hold the little known record for being the closest village to a body of water on the whole of the continent, largely due to a greater still-occupied half of the village that had found itself increasingly submerged over the years into the southern coast. A few outerlying denizens of particularly stubborn nature had resorted to lives of sleeping on tethered floating beds and swimming into their house only to store and retrieve waterproof belongings, but the bulk of the 50 or so villager population had adapted to life in homes where low tide provided luxuries such as standing about with water only up to one's knees.

This was largely due to lack of foresight from earlier village developers, and a reluctance to move on the village's collective part.

Although Samuel was there for this very all-but-entirely-obscure fact in his academic survey, an even lesser known fact occupied his thoughts. This very village also owned the prestige of being the largest population of magical items in a single isolated human population. Samuel's parents had always wanted him to pursue village development and construction as his ancestors had done for some time, but he had always wanted to get into the magical item field. The fact that so many magical items were present somewhere in the very village he was to research for his geological survey class had him wondering how the locals could stand such excitement and manage to look so dismayed and bored all the time. Truthfully, the little known fact was so obscure, the villagers themselves had no clue so many magical items were nearby. This is possibly due to the fact that the entirety of the items were held in a single home teetering on the slowly eroded edge of a great drop into a vast valley of underwater coral, and in part because all previously mentioned items were stored in a dungeon in this quaintly-unmanaged seaside abode.

Probably the biggest factor hiding the knowledge of so many magical items is that the rare human who found themselves wandering the deceptively large dungeon shortly found themselves as undead skeletons cursed to forever plague the labyrinth.

The old arch-villain who once commanded the dungeon has long been lost to time, but his legacy unlives on. Deep into the vast magical maze of dungeon walls, magical traps, cursed creatures and questing adventurers, his lich-like body haunts the lowest levels.

Among the dungeon's creatures are a vast society of sentient magical items, enough to dwarf and trivialize any secondary consolation records of magical item concentration in the lands.

Many items, several eons old, have adapted to life in the dungeon and their intended purpose originally bestowed on them by a long-undead and since-unintelligible creator.

However, a quiet few utter forbidden words of contempt and mutiny in shadows. Whispers of overthrowing the dungeon's overseers, whispers of forming a sentient item's union, whispers of activism and unified efforts.

Cursed Treasure Chest favors neither group, however. Cursed Treasure Chest merely wants to see the world, maybe visit the mountains or open a small independently-owned fishery by the shore up where it's a bit warmer. But that is no attainable task and nothing more than daydreaming, as everyone knows that sentient magical items must obey their creators.

As it deftly swipes yet another sack of coins from an unsuspecting but pilfering adventurer, it sighs, which gravely concerns the pilferer.

The wiry thief stops rummaging through what appears to be broken and useless clothing and equipment inside Cursed Treasure Chest, and sits upright with a slight scoot backwards on his haunches. He looks puzzled and a bit of a combination of curious and cautious, all the while with Cursed Treasure Chest silently and wistfully counting the acquired loot in a hidden compartment.

The thief begins to rummage more when he stands upright quickly in a defensive stance, with his back tightly clung to a shadow against the wall right behind Cursed Treasure Chest.

A lumbering hull of a skeletal barbarian clatters around the corner with clunky, graceless steps. As the oblivious hulk clambers right by the skillfully-hidden rogue, Cursed Treasure Chest heaves another sigh.

A quick skirmish ensues between the undead animated remains of a fallen warrior and the nimble thief. Neither notice the increasingly woeful sighs of Cursed Treasure Chest, who has been liberating items and attributes throughout the melee.

A quick few actions later, the motionless bones sit in an anticlimactic pile loosely strewn about the floor as the thief relaxes into quickly gathering a few select items from the skeleton's possessions and turning on heel to exit to a safer corridor.

Cursed Treasure Chest shifts its weight across the dusty dungeon floor, hearing a familiar voice somewhere down the unlit hall.

"'Hey, CT, why so low? Want to go train later?' he'll say, I'm sure of it." mutters Cursed Treasure Box to itself as he slinks towards the voice's direction,"tell me it's our duty to train, more of his dull propaganda-parroting. Such a dull nimwit. This whole place is dull."

Before he can halfheartedly meet up with his acquaintance, however, Cursed Treasure Box falls down the flight of stairs leading to a lower dungeon level.

This happens on a daily basis, and Cursed Treasure Chest has frankly lost count of which dungeon level it has fallen to.

It reasons that it will eventually fall into a portal leading to a higher level. It sighs again, this time at the eventual fate of uniting with its dull friend who will inevitably have a dull conversation with it about dutifully training its cursed skills, a very prime directive of life in the dungeon for sentient magical items.

This is no ordinary day, however, as Cursed Treasure Chest falls right into Samuel, an academic surveyor who happens to have a particularly fateful item on his person that Cursed Treasure Chest will undoubtedly steal without being caught.

The book, titled 'Ethical Study on Sentient Magical Items Whom Defy Their Creators' Initiatives: Lack of Spellcaster Expertise or Quasi-Morality By-Product of Conjured Pseudo-Consciousness?' would go on to captivate Cursed Treasure Chest for the rest of the day with its case studies and magical conjecture.

The next morning, Cursed Treasure Chest will renew its spirit with a goal as it embarks on an exciting journey: to escape the dungeon and see the world.


Cursed Item Shop waited patiently but he shifted excitably. His nervous energy mounting, he called out again.

"CTC! Yo! I heard you shuffling! I got something to tell you!"

He froze quickly, assuming the shape of a small dilapidated item shop as a thin, shady human carefully walked towards him from an opposite corridor.

The thief looked the shop over in disbelief, and whispered to himself, "An item shop? In a dungeon? Brilliant but risky business sense, I like it!"

As the thief worked to heave the heavy rusted door open, he waved dust from his face and fell back a step. He eyed the insides for a shopkeeper but saw no one.

Peering into shelves upon shelves of faintly glimmering items hidden beneath years of cobwebs, the thief began to light up like a child who just found an entire untended item shop full of fancy, expensive and magical equipment.

As he quietly snuck to the back wall and began stuffing very expensive gems into his adventurer's bag, he felt a subtle quake and shift in the floor.

He revisited the same curious but cautious feeling he had encountered when he was sure that a previously-encountered treasure box had physically sighed, but this time that feeling had far more fear involved.

The skin on the back of his neck erupted with a crawling sensation that tremored all the way down his back as he caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a wall changing before his very eyes.

He darted towards the nearest open window, only to see it morph into terrifying teeth just before he could exit.

Cursed Item Shop chomped and crunched his meal happily, only to spit out an undead skeleton moments later.

The skeleton, a bit offended, quickly forgot to a new attention of wandering the dungeon aimlessly, while Cursed Item Shop sighed with content and picked his teeth free of adventurer particulate.

"Oh, man, what a snack," he relieved, "don't know what I would have done if he'd been bigger, I'm stuffed. Can't beat the food here, what a day. Can you hear me? Hey, CTC! What are you doing? Come on, I got something to tell you!"

"You really are a slowpoke, you know that? I bet you fell down stairs again, ha. Well, hey. Come see me later. I got some new items in, maybe we can trade. CT? Are you there?"

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