Dimensional-Rift 3: The Discovery

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Welcome to Dimensional-Rift 3, The Discovery! I would highly advise playing the first and second ones before this one: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/144690426/
Can we get this top loved? (I hope so :D)

If you want to make a level for a future game, go to the Level Design sprite for instructions and you could be in a future game!

>Arrows to move
>Space to Plane Swap
>R to restart at a checkpoint
>Z to restart at the beginning
>You can swim in water
>Dark grey is the next swap, Light grey is 2 swaps from now, and black is the current level.
>Press E to ride on a swing of your current color.
After walking and jumping through space, you seem to understand more. You are no longer left with the dull grey scale to look at... But what are you seeing? You don't know what it's called, but it seems to make getting around even more difficult... But then...(To be continued)
---------------------Other Important Information--------
I am intending this to be a Quadrilogy, or even a quintilogy, the story continuing to the last project. So be prepared for a continuation! Follow for more awesome projects, love and fav for support, and ask your friends to see it :)

Notes and Credits

This has over 1000 views... and it wasn't even on the front page O_O Thanks for everything!

Features include:
>Color Swapping
>Gravty Swapping
>Plane Swapping
Music: Anesthesia - Vexento

>>>If you are yellow, you can stand on the yellow unchanging level. If you are green, you can change on the green unchanging level. If you are red, you can stand on the red unchanging level.

>>>When stepping on the black platforms, the dark grey is your next swap, and the light grey is 2 swaps from now.

>>>The Pink particle effect is a checkpoint
The yellow particle effect reverses gravity
The turquoise particle effect normalizes gravity

Light beam detection by @123768631

Loved by @kevin_eleven_1234!!!!
Dimensional Rift HYPE!!! (don't ask xD)

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