Super Scratch Bros.

See inside

If you remix, please state your changes, if you do not, I will assume there are none and may report it.

Try to knock your opponent off the screen!
P1 P2
W-Jump | Up arrow-jump
S-duck | Down arrow-duck
A&D-Move left and right | Arrows L&R-left right
F-Attack | N or space-Attack
G-Shield |M-Shield
UP Attack! - Jump+Attack
Side Slam! - Walk+Attack
Down Slam! - Crouch in air+attack
What do you mean this is a parody? This is the legitimate Super Scratch Bros!
Okey, I copied Super Smash Bros. Whats the big deal?

Notes and Credits

Credits to:
Nintendo, for the Awesome game Super Smash Bros.
@Griffpatch, for the gravity engine and walking graphics.
-Added second player support.
-Added actual attack
-Changed backdrop
-Added more attacks!
-New Stage!

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