See inside

20 different enemies, 5 bosses, 4 types of weapons plus nuke, 8 different types of bonuses!

Arrows to steer, space to shoot, Z for nuke, P for pause. As simple as that.

Please post suggestion for calibrating the game and best scores/maximum levels reached.

Nuke cap increase is not reset between games.

Every 100 "Loves" I will add a new weapon, bonus or an enemy. Feel free to propose additions.

Notes and Credits

You may want to look inside to check out how I did the following:
- mechanism to produce multiple enemies with different look and behavior with single sprite object
- producing explosion in place of destroyed object
- shield trailing the and protecting the ship by stopping objects from touching it (touching it first)
- use of font sprite
- use of broadcast to apply nuke effect

I have used a bunch of images and sounds from game resource websites. I hope to get to listing the credits in details soon.

Background downloaded from:

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