Red Vs. Blue Episode 0.0

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Notes and Credits

Credit to Rooster Teeth for actually being the creators/makers of Red Vs. Blue.
Don't know who the characters are?
Here you go!
Red Team:
Sarge - He's the leader of Red Team. He loves the Shotgun, and his catchphrase is 'Shotgun, dammit!'
Donut - He's practically a girl.
Simmons - The nerd. His armor is maroon.
Grif - He's the laziest creature in Blood Gulch.
Blue Team:
Church - The leader of Blue Team. He's died a couple of times.
Tex: A member of Project Freelancer. Working for Blue Team. Awesome. Kicks butt. Church's ex.
Caboose: He's not right in the head. At all. (And btw, Pants Time is a mystery. It's mentioned a few times in the movies, though.)
Tucker: He calls himself the 'Love Doctor'. His response to everything is: "I'm a lover, not a [insert what someone else wants him to do here]." His catch phrase is Bow-chika-wow-wow.
There are more characters but they're not in this episode.
Also, credit to darmax99 and mario157 for being:
Sarge, Simmons (Darmax99)
Church, Tucker, Caboose, Donut, Grif (mario157)
Thanks! Episode 0.1 coming soon!

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