Animated Sort Library - 1.0.2

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See inside

- click green flag to start
- select algorithm by clicking the corresponding button (only BASIC SORT for now)
- put stepping and comments to 0/1 to disable/enable
- change speed to speed up the animation (best not above 70)
- look at the final number of comparisons and swaps

Notes and Credits (added by s_federici)

version 1.0.2
several glitches fixed

version 1.0.1
With this project you can look at how different sorting algorithms work and develop your own.

- selection of the sorting algorithm (only basic sort for now)
- run without interruption or single stepping
- hide/show comments
- keep tracks of the total number of needed comparisons and swaps

The projects is designed as a library of scripts of the Sorter, Magnets and Balls sprites. You can experiment with different strategies for sorting by means of getting/putting back metal balls by using two magnets. You have:
- scripts to move magnets and get/put back balls
- scripts and global variables to show instructions and comments
- scripts and global variables to check for balls on magnets and positions of magnets
- scripts to select random balls (manual setting of ball's size coming soon) and show balls on the stage

To create a new algorithm just add the new algorithm to the Sorter sprite and duplicate the "basic" sprite to create a new button (or use the dummy buttons already present).

Documentation available in the Documentation sprite.

Original BYOB project available at (login as a guest by clicking "login come ospite").

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