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That moment when you realize griffpatch has more followers than users on Scratch.

ah, just kidding
wait am i

Check this out:
Changed my animation style a bit... :-P

1. Click the green flag 9,702 times (timing matters)
2. Turn up your volume about halfway
3. Watch (full screen recommended)
4. ❤️ & ⭐ if you liked it :D (it's free!)
5. Go to my profile and follow me *wink* for more animations

Notes and Credits

Thanks to...

The fabled legend @griffpatch
The song in the outro is "Hello" by OM_G
Flaticon for various icons
@Yohan- for the computer
@FunnyAnimatorJimTV for lipsynch engine
Soundbible for various SFX
@GoldAnimations for explosion
Google for thumbnail image
Cooltext for thumbnail font

600th view @DAV6 - 05/27/17
200th love @ - 06/06/17
1.4k views - 06/11/17

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