Chibi character V5

remixed by WizeCatz
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Notes and Credits (added by WizeCatz)

Chibi character V5 I added Mew Mew Weapons and color change for denim jacket

Green ball: Forest Sphere Impact

Red Whip: Fire Flame Whip

Blue Wand: Frost Ice Freeze

Giant Pink Star: Galacti Meteor Shower

Pink Mew Mew Outfit: Mew Galacti (Puppy ears)

Blue Mew Mew outfit: Mew Frost (Or Mew Hoshi, cat ears and wings) (Bunny ears)

Red Mew Mew outfit: Mew Fire (Cat ears)

Green Mew Mew outfit: Mew Forest (Monkey ears) (Meh.)

:3 Hope u guys enjoy it! V6 will be awesome, expect new hair, new dresses, new jackets, and new ears!

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