Reptilian Rampage

by 8161056
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Hi guys welcome to Reptilian rampage my first ever pixel game :D

you are an angry dinosaur who escaped from a top secret lab who are developing weapons for a secret organisation. but you decided to escape. once you got out you realised that you weren't going to escape so easily.
you were surrounded by robotic slimes and people with rocket launchers who were set out to capture you.
press the button with a dinosaur on it to change your character
press the button with the trophy on it to view the achievements (I haven't added them yet :P)
press the music button to mute or unmute the music
press the button with a house on it to go to the menu
press the play button to start the game
use the arrow keys to move around
avoid meteors missiles and slimes, you can jump on slimes and missiles to kill them
and compete with others to get the high score :D
but don't jump on the tip of the missile or you will die :)
you should be able to figure out the rest :)
first time = play the game for the first time
5 minutes = play the game for 5 minutes
achievement achieved = view the achievements
master = get 100 or more points
slime slayer = kill 1 or more slimes
missile dodger = kill 1 missile
survivor = survive a meteor shower
I loved it = love the project

Notes and Credits

sorry cloud data isn't working :(
if there are any glitches please tell me :P
big thanks to @THEChAOTiC for most of the sounds :)
thanks to @Kevin_eleven_1234 for inspiring me to try pixel art :D
thanks to @DarkLava for the competition
the rest 100% by me :)
also guys can you leave a comment telling me ways to make the game better best answer gets a shout out :D
by the way can you look at

____________________________update log__________________
5/6/17 shared
12/6/17 fixed some bugs
21/6/17 added achievements
23/6/17 curated
24/6/17 top loved
24/6/17 added names for achievements
25/6/17 200+ loves
26/6/17 top remixed
26/6/17 300+ loves and 200+ faves
1/7/17 added chromosaur skin

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