Frozen Dressup (Big Update!)

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To play music, click on the note in the bottom right corner and type in any number from 1-4! TO CHANGE THE DOLL'S SKIN TONE/APPEARANCE, PRESS SPACE. Some items have recolors(Elsa's Frozen Fever, Ice Anna, etc) or house different pieces of clothing! CLICK THEM TO CHANGE THE COLOR/DESIGN. Press the print screen button on your computer to take a screenshot of the outfit you've made if you'd like, and paste into Paint to save it!

Notes and Credits

1. Let it Go
2. For the First Time in Forever
3. In Summer
4. Love is an Open Door
PLEASE DON'T PUT THIS PROJECT IN ADD EVERYTHING/OTHER IRRELEVANT STUDIOS, REMIX WITH NO CHANGES/CREDIT, OR EXPORT THE SPRITES WITHOUT CREDIT! I can't live like this anymore! I hope you got that reference. But seriously, I'd like this game to only be found in relevant ones so the studios page is tidy and it won't partake in taking up server space for no reason, and also have original remixes only. It makes me upset to see people just taking the project and doing nothing to it, as well as copying the exact instructions or sprites and giving no credit whatsoever. Thanks for understanding!
GOOD GRACIOUS, TEN THOUSAND VIEWS?!?! Thank you all SO much for making this my most-viewed(and I'm pretty sure favorited and loved) project! I worked really hard on it, and now it seems it's way more than paying off. I really appreciate it. Thanks again!
??- Updated to reset when the flag is clicked!
May 18th-more detailed Elsa dress and cape
May 20- fixed the issue of the headband not fitting any hair to fitting the proper hair it goes with
May 22- more detailed young Elsa dress and new young Elsa shoes
May 25- Fixed the young Elsa hair dot floating in-game
June 1- Remade Elsa's coronation hair, added her cape, and added Anna's nightgown on Coronation Day
June 2- Fixed Elsa's coronation cape starting on the doll, added Anna's bedhead hair, completely updated Anna's childhood nightgown, elongated Anna's coronation skirt, updated Anna's cape front, fixed the floating dot on Elsa's headband, made Anna's boots darker, got rid of floating skin on Anna's shirt
August 20- Added DYWTBAS young Elsa outfit(gloves, braided hair, headband, vest, dress), changed color of normal young Elsa dress
September 11- Deleted invisible extra costume of doll
November 19- Probably one of the last updates. Added Anna's coronation hair ribbons
June 25- Finally added Anna's Frozen Fever outfit and combined some of the recolors into one item.
June 26- Added Elsa's Frozen Fever outfit(recolor of dress and cape).
December 4- Erased floating dot on the young Elsa dress and touched up the edges.
May 15, 2018- Huge Update! Tons of dresses, shoes, hair, and more were placed as costumes within the same sprite, eliminating the clutter many users have been complaining about since the game's creation. Elsa's Frozen Adventure dress, cape, and Broadway Monster costume have been added, alongside Anna's summer dress and non-streaked braids. Redesigns of Anna's pink cape, winter skirt, and winter hat and Elsa's regular/Frozen Fever hair have been included as well. Aside from that, Anna's extra frozen skin has been deleted (and the remaining one's belly button was recolored), general doll skin tones were changed, Elsa's sprite received eyeshadow, and slight adjustments were made to Anna's winter undershirt and coronation skirt as well as Elsa's regular + coronation undershirts, coronation cape front and ice dress. Anna's mourning cap was also made, but not placed in-game as I was iffy on the morality of including the outfit with the existing smiling dolls. Enjoy this update! It may truly be the last, as I tend to neglect Scratch nowadays.

Hopefully this works! I'm uploading from 1.4. Well, after a very long, uninspired hiatus, I saw the movie Frozen and knew I had to make this game for it, considering there aren't many here. I know it's not an animation, but it's sort of in CPA style, so hopefully it counts, right? Haha. If it doesn't I guess it's CPA art. Oh, and by the way, if you liked playing this, I made a Lorax one. Please check it out! I worked even harder on it than I did this.
All art is by me. Frozen, its logo, music, and characters belong to Disney.

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