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Glitches:Sometimes U stay in the air when on floating power. Also, sometimes the ending doesn't work. There are NINE LEVELS.
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PPL: please love-it for a sequel!
Update 1.1: fixed sizing bugs.
Basic controls:Use the arrow keys to guide Block through the levels. Get to the other block
to finish a level.
Dangers:Watch out for the many dangers along the way which include: lasers, pits, spikes, and much more.
Icons:As you advance through
the levels, you can collect ICONS which appear in your toolbar at the top of the screen. To use an icon, click it. it will give you a special power.
STORY: You, a cube has been roaming the world, trying to find purpose. One day, you figure out you have special powers. You use those powers to travel the world.
shrink-pretty obvious
floating-makes you float
invinsibility-U can go through lasers on 1 level.

Please LOVE-IT, I worked hard!

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