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Arrow keys and spacebar, easy peasy lemon squeezey!

+ Levels get harder (stronger bricks and faster balls)
+ Power Ups!

No ball limit, instead your score is penalized for extra balls you use.

This is a Work In Progress. More feature still to come!

Notes and Credits

This is originally a game I designed for coding up in Python one day, Scratch is nice for prototyping ideas. Basically using parametric equations to plot the paddle position on the circumference of a track.

+ Brick collisions now use atan trigonometry with the direction of the two points (the brick, and the ball). It feels a bit better, even if the ball randomly misbehaves a little.


Arcade Pack by Buch

GIMP Lightning drawing tutorial

Lightning sound by Blender Foundation

Electricity from Jacob's Ladder

Ball bouncing via angles calculation by mwiedmann

Atmospheric Interaction Sound Pack

Laser firing sound by dklon

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