I'm bad at digital art. -vent-

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I'm bad at digital art.
I aspire to be some great artist like @Ixliora or @IcoQuest or @BIazeheart . I do art in my sketchbook, and i'm always so proud of it. I cant do digital art. I cant find a style I like. My art is messy, my lines intersect each other, and my hands hurt. I sort of have tendonitis, which if you don't know, is a condition where your arms hurt and ache because of a repetitive action. I am always anxious, and i feel like I cant do digital art. I want to animate, but my lines arent straight, and I cant trace over things digitally. I dont have the money to buy a better tablet, and so i just stay bad at it. I feel like if I share a piece of art with someone like Ix, or Shadow, theyll look at it and cringe. I cringe at myself sometimes. i ask for tips and they dont listen. I think im pretty good in a sketchbook, but I cant put the same picture I make in a sketchbook digitally. I have won 2 art contests at my school, but thats tranditional art. I joined a map that is supposed to be bad art, because im afraid to do a real map.. I have trouble with coloring, and I watch so many great digital artists on youtube. I just need help. I dont know what to do... I do have an art teacher, but she isnt familiar with Firealpaca and mostly does tranditional art. I want to be famous on scratch, but can i achieve that with just tranditional art?
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