Castlevania Scratcher's Quest (Press Ctrl+M)

See inside

To make the game run faster without lag, press "ctrl+m" after the green flag has been pressed"
Use the arrow keys on the menu and press space to select. There are In-Game instructions.
WARNING! This game is challenging and it may take time to figure out strategies for defeating certain bosses and enemies, However these are not bugs, they are combat puzzles put into the game on purpose. So please take time to figure out these strategies :) Not everything the game has to offer will be told to you.
Simon uses 1 heart per sub-weapon
Richter uses 2 hearts per sub-weapon
Leon uses 3 Hearts per sub-weapon
Enjoy my Castlevania game! More content coming soon. Please report any bugs and have fun :)
-Side note. There are Checkpoints in the game.
If you want a challenge, play normally. If you want to play with cheats, read the list below. The codes are the words in-between the speech marks. Enter the following codes in the 'Use Code' Button
1: "Heartless" = 99 Hearts
2: "Godlike" = Infinite Health/HP
3: "Dagger" = Knife Sub-Weapon
5: "Holy Cross" = Cross Sub-Weapon
6: "Holy Water" = Holy Water Sub-Weapon
7: "Axe" = Axe Sub-Weapon
8: "NoBlood"= No Blood

Notes and Credits

"Also make sure to whip torches and candles for hearts and Items!"
Massive Thanks to Konami for creating this amazing franchise!
Game Made by: Spyfighter5000
Music By: Sota Fujimori, Kinuyo Yamashita, S.Terishima, Michiru Yamane and remixes by Spyfighter50000
Special Thanks:
Steve Schooley
Scratch Team
Alex Pussell
Shaun Roughton
Massive Credit to the spriters resource and the people who took the time to rip the sprites :)

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