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I got the Nintendo Switch at my local Walmart, as they had them shipped in last night. I also packed in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

I've already started playing some courses in the game and even made some Miis based on Sonic characters. I had to start teaching my younger brother to play Mario Kart 8 properly.

For those who were about to scream "LUCKY!!!!", don't say that. I'll offer some tips on getting your hands on the Switch (if your parents can buy one or you have enough money in your piggy bank):

* USE ONLINE TRACKERS - iStockNow is the best tracker out there. With that, you can track what local stores will have the Switch in stock.
* GET THE SWITCH IMMEDIATELY - Once you see it, get it! Nintendo Switches are on great demand and can sell out within hours.
* RELY ON IN STOCK ALERTS - Many retailers, such as Walmart, will have in-stock alerts. Use those, so you don't have to check every minute.
* CALL YOUR LOCAL STORE - If you're not sure that the Switch is in stock nearby, call your local store. They'll input some good info. No need to waste gas. You can also call them for times when the Switch will come in.
* DON'T BUY FROM EBAY OR THIRD-PARTY SELLERS ON AMAZON - I wouldn't recommend buying from them, as they charge high prices and there's a chance that you would get scammed. Only buy from them if Switches aren't coming in for a while and YOU CAN TRUST THE SELLER.
* DON'T USE EMULATORS - While it may be tempting to use an emulator, don't. According to the FTC, they may be scams or even malware. Even if the emulator seems legit and working, emulators are against the law and can put you in trouble!
* WAIT - Patience is the core virtue. Just wait for the Switch to stock up. While you wait, you can come to a friend's house and play their Switch.

Notes and Credits

Mythical (the wolf) belongs to me
Silver the Hedgehog (as a plush) belongs to SEGA
Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe belong to Nintendo (duh)

Music is Super Sonic jingle (AKA Reach for the Stars instrumental) from Sonic Colors

Thanks dad for buying me the Switch, Walmart for restocking, and the online for necessary tracking

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