Simple Hair Tutorial

See inside

Sorry about the size and quality. If I made it any larger, the art became too pixelated. The steps are in the Notes.

Notes and Credits

1- First, draw the hairline, a line above the head (where the top of the hair will be), and the nexus (the starting point).
2- Draw the basic shape of the hair, not worrying too much about detail.
3- With thinner strokes, draw lines following the main flow of the hair. Try to not draw them with the same amount of space between them; this will make it more natural-looking.
4- Ink it in! (I forgot to draw strands coming off of the main sections of hair, so just make sure to do that in the sketch ^-^)
5- Coloring: First, choose the main color and cover the hair with it. Then, choose a color for the shading. It shouldn't be a darker shade of the base color, but a little different. I like to do cell shading, so I draw the shadows in curved lines along the edges of the hair. Then, choose the highlights. I take one color, put dots of highlights along the hair, then choose a lighter color and put smaller dots inside the highlights.
6- Final picture. (When I was working, the layers got screwed up, so I couldn't erase the top of her head and where her hair covers her shoulders. Oh well.)

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