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Use this in your projects to stop cheaters from viewing the passwords in the scripts!

DO NOT use spaces. Letters a-z only

Do it like this: set SQRTCRYPT_PASS2CRYPT to the value you want to crypt. Then broadcast SQRTCRYPT and wait for SQRTCRYPT_CRYPTDONE to be broadcasted. The output will be in SQRTCRYPT_OUTPUT.

Example scenario: You are making an os and want private user accounts. Make it so that when a new user is created, the password the user wants is crypted and stored instead of storing the real password. Now when the user logs in you crypt the password he entered and check it with the crypted password that we stored long ago. If they both match, user in! Else incorrect password! So by using this method people cannot break into accounts by looking at the variables. Even if they look at the variable where the password is stored, they will see nothing but mixed up numbers.

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