AMV- Wolf In Sheeps Clothing PREVIEW

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Here take this, it's been like 8 months since I showed you guys something actually animated, and over a year since my last AMV. This was taking a while to make and I didn't want to keep you guys waiting so I just tried to quickly show a bit of what I'm working on.

That didn't work since it took so long to even edit this so I tried again this morning.

Notes and Credits

Animated on Flipnote Studio 3D

NOTE: Please do not tell me about syncing issues. I know those exist and I've been told billions of times. Just press the flag many times, it'll work. It also depends on how slow or fast your computer runs. You may play around inside the project to try to sync it up better but PLEASE PLEASE do not remix it and tell me you fixed it for me. This has happened a few times and I don't need two of every animation I upload. Also do NOT remix if you're not even gonna change anything important like basically everything since this thing is just a GIF. Though you may backpack items like the music and scripts

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