Jess Dyes her Hair Brown? (O_O)

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Ummm Does it look good with the red?
This was my previous description of Jess.
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Hi! I decided to do some art for you guys! I did it myself in SVE, if you were wondering! (Sometimes I wonder this too)

This is pretty much a new OC, but I didn't do the full body. Anyways, her name is Jess, and she has red hair, along with Mimi(My other OC)
She has super long hair, and she loves to cover her eyes with her hair looking like this. She is a super stylish girl, and she is in middle school. What grade though? I'm not sure.

If anyone wants, they can add some traits and personality to her, but I can't, I'm so sorry!

Next time I might feature Jess in more projects, but I'm not planning that right now.

Love y'all!

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