Brick Breaker

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= GOAL =
Welcome to Brick Breaker! Score as many as you can by breaking bricks. Do not fail to catch the ball or you will lose. Collect power-ups using the paddle and create combinations to boost your score. Try to beat the current world record!

Click - release ball
Mouse - move paddle
E - turn off unnecessary effects (DECREASE LAG)
X - ???

End screen suggested by @Nondescrypt

Art, Code, Gameplay by me.
Inspiration from two games: Blasterball and Ricochet.
This is the first project featuring my PTE:

11/10/17 - Released in beta state.
6/13 - Changed to a much better bouncing script
6/15 - The game is complete! Might add a bit few extras...
7/21 - Added a new game over screen and fixed more bugs

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