Super Scratchy Fighters Z! V2.6

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(This game requires a somewhat fast computer.)
In character selection, use the Arrow Keys to move the P1 character selection token. Use WASD to move the CPU character selection token. Use the Space Key to change the number of stock (lives) before characters are selected.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In battle, use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to run left and right. Use the Up Arrow Key to jump. You can jump while in mid-air to double jump. Use the "X" Key to use a standard attack (punch/kick). You can use a special attack with the "Z" Key. Each character has a different special attack. If anyone is hit by a special attack, they will be launched. Try to launch your opponent off of the stage to make them lose stock. Another way to make your opponent lose stock is to raise their damage to 300. Whoever is the last player standing wins!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Here Are The Special Attacks:

Bubble Bass: Squidward Throw ~ Charge the attack longer to throw Squidward farther and faster.

Spanish Teacher: Point ~ Charge this attack for a larger reach.

Lucario: Aura Sphere ~ Charge this attack longer for a larger aura sphere that flies farther.

Wario: Chomp ~ Use this attack when touching your opponent to gobble them up and spit them back out. Players can attack while inside Wario's mouth, so be careful!

Robbie Rotten: Net ~ Charge this attack longer for a larger net that flies higher and further.

Uncle Majic: Flying table ~ Charge this attack longer for a faster table. Direct it at your foes using the mouse.

Waluigi: Wah! ~ Charge this attack longer for a faster flying... scream...

Shrek: Fart ~ Charge this attack longer for a faster flying and smellier fart... ew.

Blobfish: Water Ball ~ Charge this attack longer to make it fly further and faster!

Clamo: Clamo ~ Shoot a Froot Loop from your mouth just like any other normal clam can do... Charge it longer to make it fly higher.

Pumpkin Man: Give Me... ~ Give your opponent a variety of unhealthy foods! charge it longer to make it fly further!

Notes and Credits

A HUGE thanks to @BoubleBass for the idea and support, as well as Masahiro Sakurai for the inspiration! The art for Wario, Robbie Rotten, Waluigi, Shrek, and Squidward isn't mine.

The sound does not belong to me.

I worked really hard on this so leave a love and fave if you enjoyed! Also, please don't be rude about the project. All rude comments will be reported!

Any glitches? Let me know in the comments ASAP!
(If the CPU doesn't move at first, refresh the page!)

#staycoolunclemajic #urawesomeshockkimo'neal #wahtotheend
July 1, 2017 ~ Game released.
July 3, 2017 ~ Added KO sound effects and minor bug fixes.
July 6, 2017 ~ Minor bug fix.
July 8, 2017 ~ Minor bug fixes.
September 25, 2017 ~ New characters and maps, smarter CPUs, and less overpowered special attacks.
October 2, 2017 ~ Minor Bug Fixes with CPUs.
Devember 1, 2017 ~ New characters Clamo and Pumpkin Man added as well as a neater roster screen.
December 3, 2017 ~ Harder CPUSs.
January 10, 2018 ~ Bugs fixed.

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