Xenadu ver1.0

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(Instructions of play are described below.遊び方は下の方にあります)
arrow keys : move
space : enter
E : change (or show) equipment
S : show your status
C: use item
M : show map

Controls in towers or in battle
space : chant magic
arrow + space : control magic
arrow + Z: sidestep (move without turning)

矢印キー : 移動(斜め可)
スペース: 建物や洞窟に入る
e : 装備交換および所持リスト
s : ステータス表示
c: アイテム使用
m : マップ表示

スペース : 魔法詠唱
矢印 + スペース : 魔法コントロール
矢印 + z: 向きを変えずに移動

>>>>How to save y in Xanedu
To save in Xanadu is only possible in a temple. Please follow instructions on the screen.


Gal-Kharn has ruled over Xenadu world by his evil force.
Find the castle of Gal-Kharn. There is a rumor going around that four crowns will be needed to open the castle's door. Beat Gal-Kharn and regain peace in Xenadu!!


>>>> Character making
At first, enter the castle (push space key in front of the nearest door from starting place). After having an audience with the king, enter training houses on the ground. Pay gold to the masters there, and the abilities can be obtained. After finishing, go down stairs, and find an entrance of underground world in Xenadu.


>>>>Explanation of abilities
STR (Strength) = physical power.
INT (Intelligence) = magic power.
WIS (Wisdom) = item's effect such as time duration, healing power
CHR (Charisma) = discount ability on a shop.
DEX (Dexterity) = unlocking speed of treasures.
AGL (Agility) = speed of the character relative to enemy.
MGR (Magic Resistance)
KEY (Number of Keys)

STR (Strength, 強さ) = 物理攻撃力
INT (Intelligence, 知性) = 魔法攻撃力
WIS (Wisdom, 賢さ) = アイテムの効果(時間、HP回復力)
CHR (Charisma, 魅力) = ショップでの割引能力
DEX (Dexterity, 器用さ) = 宝箱の解錠技術(スピード)
AGL (Agility, 素早さ) = 敵との相対的な速度
MGR (Magic Resistance, 魔法抵抗力)
KEY (Number o Keys, 鍵の所有数)
ELX(Elixir, 蘇生薬の所有数)

Notes and Credits

Xenadu project was started in July 2014. I am glad to open to the public after three years. The Xenadu was created as an homage to Xanadu in 1985 of Falcom. Xanadu is a PC game which has a record of selling four hundred thousand packages. It was difficult for me to create Xanadu world on Scratch due to some limitation of Scratch. In particular, I struggled the size limitation of JSON and assets. So, I had no choice but to reduce dimension of game such as the number of monsters, stages and musics. But the world of Xanadu can be recreated on Scratch, and the new mechanism is adopted on Xenadu. Note that the sources of Xanadu are not used. As for graphics of monster and map, I used the Xanadu- like graphics which are drawn by DENZI(http://www3.wind.ne.jp/DENZI/diary/). If I did not find DENZI’s data, I would not make Xenadu. I am grateful to Mr. DENZI. Effect sounds were synthesized by Bfxr (http://www.bfxr.net). Retro sounds such as NES can be easily created by Bfxr. All BGM and short music were composed by me. I will be glad if you enjoy to play Xanadu!

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